RFC Capital Partners Fund 3

Strategic advisory and capital investment


RFC Capital Partners Fund 3, LLC ("RFC") is the most current fund (circa 2020) in the 36-year history of RFC Capital Partners.

RFC provides both advisory (investment banking and corporate strategy) and makes capital investments in a wide range of operating companies. RFC has provided advisory services to some of the largest corporate clients (e.g., McKesson Corporation), private equity firms (e.g., Bain Capital) as well earlier stage ventures (e.g., Splash Beverages, Masters Pharmaceuticals).

RFC invests in companies ranging from “start-ups” (e.g., CartPilot, Impress3D Dental, Arfona Printing, Splash Beverages, Stolen Beverages, STOR), to “roll-ups” (e.g., Konfidents Dental, Germany), “corporate carveouts” (e.g., Bioniche, Unisource), “management buyouts” (e.g., Bolt-Tech) and leveraged buyouts (e.g., Coachman Industries, Coe Manufacturing, Masters Pharmaceuticals) where there is "transitional" opportunity to increase shareholder value.

In addition to our own funds, we partner with private equity investors (e.g., Bain Capital, Altor, HIG, RoundTable, etc.) to sponsor investments in companies of virtually any size and in a broad range of industries and geographic locations.

RFC's invests in many geographies, including North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Investment Strategy and Focus

Generally, RFC sponsors investments in companies with enterprise values ranging from $20 million to $500 million. We seek strong management teams seeking a partner to help them develop strategic growth plans and to acquire the financial and management resources to achieve their plans.

RFC has extensive experience in healthcare-related opportunities, wood products, light industrial, and consumer products.

We are most interested in "transitional" opportunities that involve:

As a result we seek companies where we can:

Experience: Current and Select Previous Transactions

RFC provides both capital investments as well as advisory services to a wide range of companies, including the following representative transactions (not a complete list of transactions):

Current Transactions:

Select Previous Transactions:


Mark Teufel, Managing Partner

Direct: 312-339-0215

Email: MTeufel@RFCCP.com

Mr. Teufel is predominantly focused on evaluating and structuring new investment opportunities, as well as managing the firm’s capital partner relationships. His experience includes a wide variety of merchant banking, merger & acquisition and corporate finance assignments in the manufacturing, food, distribution, service, communications, retail and entertainment industry sectors.

Prior to joining Resource Financial Corporation in 1994, Mr. Teufel was in the private equity group at Heller Equity Capital Corporation, making direct equity investments in under-performing companies. In this capacity he was responsible for identifying investment opportunities, negotiating and structuring investments, performing all phases of operational and financial due diligence and closing the investments.

Mr. Teufel received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Indiana University and a Masters of Management Degree from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Mr. Teufel also obtained a Certified Public Accountant certificate.

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